🚨 Police in Washington requested a welfare check of a Northampton condo

🚨 The body of Dolores Ingram was found dead under a pile of clothes

🚨 Her son William was found with her car in Washington

NORTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP — A man who told Washington, D.C. police he killed his mother triggered police to check a Bucks County condo on Sunday.

Northampton police went to the condo on Beacon Hill Drive in the Village Shire neighborhood in the Holland section of Northampton, according to Bucks County District Attorney Jen Schorn. Officers found the body of Dolores Ingram, 82, under a pile of furniture and clothes in the living room.

Officers noticed blood on a window sill and more blood smeared on the walls, window, and floor. The furniture was in disarray, according to Shorn. Ingram appeared to have sustained severe head trauma. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

A neighbor told police she heard a bang from the unit around 1 a.m. Saturday. She reviewed her security system video and saw a shirtless William Michael Ingram, 49, running out of the condo he shared with his mother, police said. He returned about a minute later, police said.

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Map shows the locations of Washington and the Holland section of Northampton Township in Bucks County
Map shows the locations of Washington and the Holland section of Northampton Township in Bucks County (Canva)

More charges coming

Ingram was seen around 10 a.m. leaving the condo with a duffel bag, police said. His mother's 2015 white Honda Civic was missing, according to Shorn. License plate readers tracked the Honda in two locations heading away from the condo, officials said.

Metro police in Washington took Ingram into custody on charges he assaulted a police officer and damaged a police vehicle. Schorn said Ingram told Metro officers he had killed his mother.

Shorn said that Ingram remains in custody in Washington on the car theft charge. Additional charges will be filed "at the appropriate time," according to Shorn.

Shorn did not disclose why Ingram went to Washington or the events that led to his confrontation with police.

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