💲E-Z Pass will be the only accepted form of payment

💲Those without E-Z Pass will be billed under the Toll By Plate program

💲All DRJTBC toll bridges are scheduled to be cashless by January


Three Delaware River toll crossings will stop accepting cash as payment for tolls late Sunday night.

The New Hope-Lambertville (Route 202), Portland-Columbia (Routes 611, 46, 94), and Milford-Montague (Route 206), all considered "low volume" by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC), will only accept E-Z Pass as immediate payment after 11 p.m. Sunday.

Drivers who do not have an E-Z Pass transponder will receive a bill in the mail under the Toll by Plate program which was first introduced in January at the DRJTBC crossings.

The windows and doors of the existing toll booths will be closed and drivers will pass through any open lane without stopping.

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Milford-Montague toll bridge
Milford-Montague toll bridge (DRJTBC)

Crossings go cashless by 2025

Drivers have shown a preference to use E-Z Pass, according to the DRJTBC. 93 percent of drivers using E-Z Pass as payment at the New Hope-Lambertville bridge, 86 percent at the Portland-Columbia bridge and 84 percent on the Milford-Montague crossing.

Eventually, cash will be not be accepted at any DRJTBC toll crossing.

The Trenton-Morrisville (Route 1) crossing, the Route 78 bridge, the Route 22 bridge between Easton and Phillipsburg and the Delaware Water Gap (I-80) bridge are scheduled to go cashless in January.

Once the crossings go cashless the existing toll booths will eventually be taken down and gantries built that allows traffic to maintain a higher speed. The project is expected to be complete by 2031.

The gantry system has been in place at the Scudder Falls Toll Bridge on Route 295 since the new span opened in 2019. The first gantry will be installed at the Route 202 crossing in 2025.

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