BENSALEM, Pa. — Less than a month before red light cameras start giving out real traffic tickets police say they have issued over 5,000 warnings.

The red light cameras at the intersections of Street Road at Knights Road and Route 1 at Old Lincoln Highway in Bensalem began operating April 1. For the first 60 days, only warnings will be issued. Starting June 1 the warnings could become $100 fines.

"Drivers are reminded that a steady yellow signal means that they should slow down and be prepared to stop as the red-light activation is imminent. Too often, drivers speed up on a yellow light to “beat” the red light or exit the turn lane and “cut the corner” to complete a left turn before the light turns red," Bensalem police wrote on their website. "These actions create dangerous driving conditions for other vehicles and pedestrians and WILL result in a $100 fine."

Police say the township does not have any expenses related to the red light cameras.  fines pay for the operation and maintenance of the Automated Red-Light Enforcement program.

Sample red light camera violation notice
Sample red light camera violation notice (Bensalem police)

Bensalem police Lt. Robert Bugsch said technology improvements in the new system produce a better quality photo taken by the cameras. Trained officers will review all potential violations before a ticket or warning is sent.

If there's a question about whether or not a violation was committed a ticket won't be issued, Bugsch said.

Red light cameras began issuing tickets at two intersections on Route 611 in Warrington at Bristol Road and Street Road earlier this year.

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