🚦A warning period for the two intersections in Bensalem begins April 1

🚦The township gets no financial benefit from the $100 tickets

🚦More intersections could be added in the future


BENSALEM, Pa. — Another set of red light cameras is coming to Bucks County including one intersection deemed the "most dangerous in America" by Time magazine.

A 60-day warning period begins Monday at the Bensalem intersections with the cameras, Street Road at Knights Road in all directions) and Route 1 north and southbound at Old Lincoln Highway.

They join the red light cameras that are now issuing tickets at two intersections on Route 611 in Warrington at Bristol Road and Street Road.

"It will deter people from disregarding the steady red signals and blowing the red lights and over time we're going to see a reduction in accidents, fatalities and pedestrians being struck," Bensalem Director of Public Safety William McVey said during "The Mayor's Show" program on the township website.

During the grace period violators will only receive a warning. After 60 days, which is Friday, May 31, violators will be fined $100 but no points on their record. McVey said the township does not benefit financially from any tickets issued.

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Clear cut violations

Bensale police Lt. Robert Bugsch said he likes the technology improvements in the new system that include a better quality photo taken by the cameras. Trained officers will review all potential violations before a ticket or warning is sent.

"If there's any kind of discrepancy he can consult with another officer and if there's some type of confiction it just won't go out at all. It's got to be a clear cut violation," Bugsch said.

Bugsch said during a township council meeting in June where the initial approval was given for the program that other intersections could be added if the enforcement proves successful.

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Sample red light camera violation notice
Sample red light camera violation notice (Bensalem police)

"The most dangerous intersection in America"

In their announcement about the warning period an article by Time magazine was cited that concluded the intersection of Knights Road and Street Road was "the most dangerous intersection in America."

"It’s plagued by poor signage, dim, lighting, discontinuous sidewalks, aggressive drivers and jaywalkers, according to a 2008 traffic audit. In a one-mile stretch of Street Road that includes the intersection," according to the Time report.

The conclusion was based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2003-2012, the most recent available at the time of the article.

There were seven fatal crashes in the intersection during that period with 144 crashes in 2006 and 2007 with 170 people injured or dead.

New Jersey state Sen. Declan O'Scanlon, R-Monmouth, proposes legislation prohibiting the state Motor Vehicle Commission from sharing driver information with states where violations were issued because of a speed or red light camera.

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you shouldn't have to pay

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