🔥The fire began in garage and quickly spread to a Jeep and the house

🔥One of two family pet cats died in the blaze

🔥An exploding battery caused the fire, according to the residents


FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A house was heavily damaged by a fire the residents say started in a garage late Saturday afternoon.

Levittown Fire Co #2 Station 13 on their Instagram page said their firefighters arrived around 5 p.m. to find the garage and Jeep in the driveway on fire along with the first and second floors of the house on Buttonwood Lane in the Birch Valley Section of Levittown in Falls Township, Pa.

It took 45 minutes to bring the fire under control, according to the department.

According to a GoFundMe page a battery exploded in the garage and spread quickly from the garage when a fire extinguisher couldn't contain the flames.

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Fire at a home on Buttonwood Lane in the Levittown section of Falls Township 6/1
Fire at a home on Buttonwood Lane in the Levittown section of Falls Township 6/1 (@levittown_station13 via Instagram)

Fire brings out the good in a neighborhood

One of two pet cats died in the fire despite the owners' attempt to rescue them from the fire. A neighbor brought the surviving cat named Odin to an animal hospital for treatement after a firefighter performed CPR.

"The street of Buttonwood has some amazing neighbors. This is the news we need to hear about Levittown, not only the bad. When a community is struck by something like this everyone came out to offer help. Many people bash Ltown, but what I saw was amazing. Complete strangers coming out of their homes on Buttonwood LN to offer whatever they could," organizer Ashley Goldey wrote.

Goldey said the homeowner's insurance will help them rebuild. The GoFundMe donations will go towards the cat's medical expenses.

The Falls Township Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

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