🚦The red light cams went live on April 1

🚦Over 8,000 warnings were issued during a 60 day grace period

🚦Violators could get a $100 fine


BENSALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Running the light at two new Bucks County red light cameras could now result in a ticket.

The 60-day grace period for the new cameras at the intersections of Street Road at Knights Road and Route 1 at Old Lincoln Highway in Bensalem Township came to an end early Saturday morning. Violators now risk a $100 fine although no points go against a driver's license.

The lights went live on April 1 which began a 60-day grace period. In two months over 8,000 warnings were issued, according to Director of Public Safety William McVey. 5,000 warnings were issued during the first month.

"It really shows the prevalence of people violating the red lights there. People need to obey the law and hopefully with the red light camera enforcement we'll see these numbers come down," McVey said on "The Mayor's Show" Wednesday on YouTube.

Bensalem police Lt. Robert Bugsch said violators have the option to appeal the fine before an administrative officer during hearings which will be held in the evening twice a month. A further appeal is handled by a district court judge.

Fines collected are used to pay the company maintaining the equipment and the administrative officer. Surplus funds are given to the state.

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