🏒 A man from one side of the arena went to other side to argue

🏒 He put a woman who tried to intervene into a headlock

🏒 Everyone was gone from the rink by the time police arrived

WARWICK, Pa. — Police are investigating a fight among parents in the stands of the Revolution Ice Gardens early Sunday afternoon.

The manager of the facility off Mearns Road called Warwick police to report an argument among parents of two opposing teams that turned physical, according to the incident report obtained by PALivingNews.com.

A man entered the stands of the opposing team and confronted several parents. A woman who attempted to intervene was put in a headlock by the man, witnesses told police.

By the time police from both Warwick and Warminster arrived, the woman was gone.  Witnesses could not identify the woman to the responding officers. The parents involved in the fight had also left.

Warwick Police Chief Mark Goldberg told 6 ABC Action News he did not know what had sparked the fight. The schedule on the rink's website is empty for Sunday.

The rink's website says it hosts a number of tournaments, leagues and teams on its two NHL-sized rinks.

The chief said that the investigation is ongoing.

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