💲 A couple was told them their daughter was in jail

💲 The scammer picked up $30,000 "bail" in person

💲 The cash may not be recoverable


WARWICK, Pa. — The message from yet another Bucks County police department: officers will never call asking for money.

Warwick Police Chief Mark Goldberg issued the warning after an elderly couple in the Hidden Ponds neighborhood lost $30,000 after a phone call from someone claiming to be an officer who told their arrested adult daughter had been arrested.

The imposter gave the couple instructions on where and how to deliver the "bail" in order to keep her out of jail.

"Unfortunately this is a common scam. Our victims are not the first and they won't be the last," Goldberg said in a statement. "We will do everything we can to try and recover our victim's lost money but we have little evidence."

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Bensalem police issued a similar warning recently about a scam in which someone who identifies themself using the name of an actual officer says they own money to avoid criminal or civil penalties.

Goldberg asked anyone who saw a suspicious vehicle or person in the Hidden Poinds area on Saturday to call 215-343-6102.

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