One lucky lottery player in Philadelphia now has to stop at their bank following a recent stop at a local gas station.

And whoever that person is probably doesn't mind having to run that extra chore now since they'll be depositing a check for over $500,000.

On Friday, a progressive top prize-winning ticket worth $501,352 for the Pennsylvania Lottery's Magni-Find Money game was sold at Sunoco at 630 Walnut Lane.

Magni-Find Money a $5 Fast Play game that offers progressive prizes starting at $50,000. Fast Play games print on-demand from a Lottery sales terminal or self-service touch-screen vending terminal and are similar to Scratch-Off games, but without the need to scratch a ticket or wait for a drawing.

Sunoco at 630 Walnut Lane in Philadelphia PA - Photo: Google Maps
Sunoco at 630 Walnut Lane in Philadelphia PA - Photo: Google Maps

For selling that ticket, the store will receive a $5,000 bonus.

Lottery officials also remind their players that this month is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. There are free and confidential resources available, including 1-800-GAMBLER.

And speaking of gas station visits...

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