✅Justin Mohn climbed a fence at a National Guard facility, officials say

✅He was charged with killing his father and showing his head on YouTube

✅Mohn is being held without bail pending a first court appearance April 2

Additional charges including three counts of terrorism were filed against a Levittown, Pennsylvania man accused last month of beheading his father and posting a video urging violence against government workers.

In the video posted to YouTube, Justin Mohn called his father, Michael Mohn, a traitor to his country who worked for the federal government, according to a supplemental affidavit. Justin called for all federal employees and their associates be captured and tortured.

He also gave the address of a judge and called for violence against them, according to Schorn.

The video was taken down by YouTube after several hours.

Michael Mohn
Michael Mohn (Bucks County District Attorney's Office)

A folder labeled 'f**ked up s**t' on a USB drive

The new affidavit also said Justin Mohn had a loaded Sig Sauer 9mm pistol when he drove an hour from his parent's home to the National Guard Training Center in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, after killing father. One round was missing from the chamber.

Michael Mohn was shot once in the head by his son and then beheaded using a knife and machete, according to the affidavit.  He legally purchased the pistol at a gun shop in Croydon but was not licensed to carry.

Despite barbed wire, Justin climbed a barbed wire fence and got onto the facility, according to the affidavit.  As Justin was arrested by Fort Indiantown Gap police he told officers the barbed wire was not sharp enough to keep him out.

A USB drive found on his person found a folder labeled "f**ked up s**t" that contained a second folder with pictures of federal buildings and instructions to make an explosive device. It also included a manual called U.S. Army improved munitions handbook.

The new charges filed against Justin Mohn include two additional counts of possession of an instrument of crime, and one count each of robbery, firearms not to be carried without a license, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, criminal use of a communication facility, terroristic threats, and defiant trespassing.

Justin Mohn is being held in the Bucks County Correctional Facility without bail pending a preliminary hearing on April 2.

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