🔵 High school seniors "stalk" and "shoot" each other with water guns

🔵 Participants use water guns and often wear ski masks

🔵 It could look like a more serious situation to those not aware of the game

LOWER MORELAND, Pa. — Police in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey are warning residents about a trending game.

Lower Moreland Township police said seniors at Lower Moreland High School are playing "Senior Assasin" in which students "stalk" and "shoot" each other with water guns. But unaware residents have called police thinking something more nefarious was happening.

"This game is not sanctioned by the school district and has caused concern for members of our community. We are urging students not to participate," police said in a statement. They advised students who do participate to:

  • Not carry anything that could be mistaken as a real firearm
  • Do not trespass on other people's property.
  • Avoid playing after dark.
  • If you see the police coming, do not run or hide, just explain to the officers what you are doing and cooperate with their investigation.

New Jersey schools also play the game

Police in Bridgewater, New Jersey, issued a similar warning about the game in March, adding that participants sometimes wear ski masks and hide.

The Bridgewater-Raritan school district also does not condone the game, according to police. Playing the game on school grounds is also prohibited.

The communities of Boonton and Mountain Lake require players to use brightly colored water guns and to leave a property if requested, according to NorthJersey.com.

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