⚠️ The southbound lanes of Route 95 will be closed near Route 676

⚠️ The northbound lanes were closed at the beginning of February

⚠️ If the work isn't completed another closure could be needed

Route 95 will be closed again through Philadelphia, this time in the southbound direction as work continues to remove a concrete covering.

The closure is scheduled to be in effect between 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24 until 5 a.m. Monday, Feb 26 between Exit 22 (Route 676) and the Morris Street ramp north of the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Four additional ramps will also be affected by the closure:

  • Market Street ramp to Route 95 South
  • The ramp from Route 676 ast to Route 95 South
  • The ramp from Route 95 south to Columbus Boulevard/Washington Avenue (Exit 22)
  • The ramp from Lombard Circle to Route 95 North will remain closed


Alternative routes for Route 95 southbound closure 2/25 and 2/25
Alternative routes for Route 95 southbound closure 2/25 and 2/25 (PennDOT)

Why the closure?

The northbound lanes were briefly closed early in February. During a press briefing about the closure on Monday, PennDOT's Harold Windisch said the southbound side could take a bit longer as the debris has to be removed completely.

If the project isn't completed, a third closure may be required.

One event at the Wells Fargo Center will be impacted by the closure. The Sixers host the Milwaukee Bucks at 1 p.m. Sunday. The Flyers host the New York Rangers in a game that starts at 3 p.m. just before the full closure.

The removal of the concrete is part of a project called Central Access Philadelphia (CAP) designed to improve access between Center City and the Delaware River Waterfront.  It will also create a new 11.5-acre park at Penns Landing and a bridge at South Street. The bridge will connect bicyclists and pedestrians to the new Delaware River Trail.

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