Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro has slammed a throng of protesters for carrying out a “blatant act of antisemitism” in Philadelphia over the weekend.

A falafel shop, called Goldie, whose co-owner is Jewish was the target of pro-Palestinian protesters, who chanted and defaced the front windows with stickers, according to some bystanders on social media.

No damages were reported, according to NBC Philadelphia.

PA Gov Josh Shapiro
(PA Gov Josh Shapiro via X)

The organization, StopAntisemitism shared the same video clip, adding “No anti riot police were dispatched. No arrests were made. Zero repercussions. This is YOUR failure @PhillyMayor,” and tagging Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

Shapiro added that he had spoken with restaurateur Mike Solomonov and offered his support.

The Philadelphia chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, which describes itself as “the largest progressive Jewish Anti-Zionist organization in the world,” said on X that their members had marched alongside the Philly Palestine Coalition, showing a different video clip from a separate location.

Also slamming the protesters for “rank antisemitism” outside the falafel shop was Democratic U.S. Senator John Fetterman on Monday.

“Goldie is a vegan, Israeli-style falafel shop serving fresh-to-order falafel, French fries, and tehina shakes,” according to its website.

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