No one likes having to perform jury duty. But are there still scammers out there taking advantage of the requirement? You betcha. Beware this new phone scam.

People are both bored and creative. Scammers are desperate and without moral compass so it's no surprise some are trying to squeeze money out of you if they manage to convince you that you've missed jury duty!

The Scam

Thinkstock; Canva
Thinkstock; Canva

Callers posing as a member of law enforcement and are ringing up unsuspecting victims claiming a person who answers the phone has missed jury duty when they haven't. Then, the scammer demands to be paid a 'fine' or the victim will go to jail. Classy, huh?


The scam sounds pretty detailed, too, as if the criminals have really done their homework. According to KYW News Radio, the scammer/scammers threaten to come and arrest the victim and have them fingerprinted and processed by the police.

But IF you agree to their demands for cash, you'll be spared criminal prosecution.

This is a scam that's quickly growing in trend across the county, even in nearby Philly.


What to Do if This Happens to You

Philadelphia Jury Commissioner Patrick Martin emphasizes that courts never EVER call you, especially demanding to be paid or else. And, if you DO miss jury duty, the courts will notify you by mail and may set you up for a court appearance where a judge would then decide your penalty.

If you suspect you've been the victim of this jury duty scam, notify New Jersey Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

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