🗻 Raghu Kodali went hiking by himself on Saturday afternoon

🗻 A search was started late Saturday when he didn't return

🗻 Drones and K9s were used in a search

A New Jersey man was found dead in a wooded area off the Appalachian Trail on Sunday.

A 61-year-old  man from the Whitehouse Station section of Readington had parked his car near the Blue Mountain Ski Area in Lehigh Township on Saturday and went hiking alone, Lehigh Township Fire Commissioner Rick Hildebrand told LehighValleyLive.com.

Search launched late Saturday night

Hildebrand organized a search in the Blue Mountains late Saturday night with several other fire companies, search teams and K9 units.

Drone teams equipped with thermal imaging cameras were launched. Poor weather conditions limited the use, Hildebrand told LehighValleyLive.com. Kodali's body was found Sunday on the southern end of the ski area off the trail, according to Northampton County Coroner Zachary R. Lysek.

The cause and manner of death are pending.

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