☑️ Police were called to a home about a woman having a heart attack

☑️ First responders found the home to be in horrendous condition

☑️ Suspect Darryl Carter threw a toddler across a room


FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP (Adams), PA — Police and first responders had to push their way through clutter and horrendous conditions inside a New Jersey native's home to reach a woman they believed was having a heart attack.

Darryl Kevin Carter II, 36, called police to the home on Chambersburg Road around 2:20 p.m. on March 5 to report a woman having a heart attack, according to the criminal complaint in the case. When EMTs arrived they had to force their way inside when no one answered the door. Carter approached the EMTs and asked why they were in his house.

The EMTs saw a deceased woman in plain view and smelled fecal matter. Dirty diapers were piled up all over the house along with cooking pots and containers filled with feces and urine. The kitchen was filled with empty wrappers and food. The home had no running water, working toilets or sewer service, according to the complaint.

Stepping on a dead body

When Pennsylvania State Police troopers said they had to clear the residence Carter became upset and grabbed his 3-year-old son and threw him towards a bathroom. He stepped on the body twice heading to the bathroom to get his son, according to the complaint.

Carter "admitted to other acts that would outrage ordinary family sensibilities," according to a statement from Pennsylvania State Police. The statement also indicates a 1-year-old child was living at the house.

Troopers took Carter into custody on two charges of endangering the welfare of children, simple assault and abuse of corpse. He is being held on $50,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

The complaint only listed Carter's place of birth as New Jersey without a city or town. The identity of the woman or her relationship to Cater was not disclosed.

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