Okay Jersey people. I know we're not used to pumping our own gas in New Jersey, but this is just plain ridiculous.

As a woman born and raised in New Jersey, I freely admit that I didn't learn how to pump my own gas until I was well into my 20s, embarrassing as that is to admit. Even after living in Pennsylvania for a number of years I never really got used to it!

But even I still cringe when I see this viral TikTok video, because what in the world was this girl thinking?! This video has amassed 3.2 million likes and over 32.7 million views. 

Credit: TikTok @14slothlover11
Credit: TikTok @14slothlover11

The caption simply reads: "POV: your best friend is from New Jersey." What transpires in the video is frankly ridiculous.

The young girl stands at the pump, clueless, as the gasoline pours freely from the pump onto the floor, spilling everywhere. She says "Oh my god, what do I do?" Meanwhile her friend records the catastrophe, laughing.

(And a warning: This is DANGEROUS. TikTok even had to put a warning label on the video.)

I sincerely hope this isn't real, because it's just too embarrassing. Check out the video down below. Your jaw will drop.

The comments section was shocked and appalled:

"Nothing could have prepared me for the pump being on the ground."


"I know that was expensive."

"I'd be pretty upset with my friend just filming instead of being helpful or getting help. Clearly neither knows what to do but don't just sit there!"

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For all our fellow Jersey people out there, I think we can all agree that we do not claim this behavior as our own!

what do you think of this video? How would you react if you saw this happening? Personally, if it were me (which it wouldn't), I would never let that video see the light of day.

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