If we want the spring and summer nights to be "brighter" in New Jersey, we need to stop doing this.

You've probably noticed that firefly numbers are decreasing, not just in the Northeast states, but nationwide! And it's been happening for a while, according to Firefly.org.

According to the Washington Post, Nearly 1 in 3 firefly species are in danger of becoming extinct in the United States and Canada.

Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash
Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

When will the Fireflies come back?

Firefly larvae mainly live underground during the winter months and mature once spring comes back around. As we head into the warm spring and summer months, we'll start to see adult fireflies lighting up the night very soon, as they typically mature and reemerge around the third week of May to the third week in June, according to the Farmers Almanac.

If you start to see fireflies around your house, even if it's only a few, that's a clear indicator that you have a good chance to help their numbers bounce back.

Don't over-mow your lawn!

Here's the thing, fireflies thrive in warm, humid environments with lots of greenery. Also, they stay on the ground during the day, and mowing can disturb and kill them.

A lawn mower on a lush green lawn surrounded by flowers. Back yard of the house.
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Leave the leaves!

If you want to see more fireflies, you should also stop over-raking your lawn. Firefly larvae live on leaves, so if you insist of raking every single leaf from your lawn, you're likely throwing their eggs away.

Gardener woman raking up autumn leaves in garden. Woman standing with rake.
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What else can I do to help fireflies come back?

The Farmers Almanac recommends:

  • Install water features like fountains in your garden
  • Let wood rot (that's where they like to lay their eggs)
  • Turn your lights off at night
  • Avoid using lawn chemicals
  • Plant a garden
  • Plant trees

Remember, they love damp environments! So if you can't install a fountain in your garden, grab the sprinkler from the garage and let your grass get nice and dewy!

Have you also noticed less fireflies in recent years? Hopefully we can bring them back. Summer nights just aren't the same without them!

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