There’s no better meal to enjoy in the summertime than some delicious seafood! I’m a huge seafood girl from lobster to crab or oysters to clams, I will one hundred percent eat it all. If you’re looking to explore Philadelphia this summer and try out some of the area’s most amazing seafood spots, there’s one spot you need to specifically check out according to reviewers on Yelp.

Yelp is one of the greatest tools to use when you’re going somewhere new for the first time. No matter if it’s a hotel, restaurant, museum, etc, you’ll get reviewers on Yelp named extensive, unbiased opinions of any business.

Philadelphia, PA’s Best Seafood Restaurant According to Yelp

Alma Del Mar has been named the restaurant in Philadelphia, PA with the best seafood in the entire city of Philadelphia. Out of the 105 reviews it’s accumulated on Yelp, it’s the highest-rated seafood restaurant in the entire city, and for good reason!


The reviews don’t lie! The best part about using Yelp as a reviewing tool is that you get unbiased reviews for every business. Alma Del Mar has acquired some impressive reviews and is sitting pretty at a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Yelp based on over 105 different reviews from customers.

This restaurant was also featured on the hit show Queer Eye, but don’t let that make you think the reviews are skewed because of that. People rave about their full menu online, especially their seafood options.

Jada G from Alexandria, VA wrote “My boyfriend had the swordfish, which he ate all of so I guess it was good. My shrimp tacos had to be some of the best I’ve ever had-”

Check out Alma Del Mar’s official website and see all of their food options, including their delicious seafood options. Almar Del Mar is located at 1007 S 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

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