✅ Corey Stasanko was working on a storm drain on his employer's property

✅ He also owned his own landscaping business

✅ Stasanko was a champion wrestler at South Plainfield High School


KENILWORTH — A former Rutgers wrestler was identified as the worker who fell into a hole while installing a storm drain on May 6.

Corey Stasanko, 29, was working in the back of the building on Monroe that houses his employer, K&D Contractors on May 7. Police found Stasanko trapped in the concrete and mud and could not retrieve him, He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Corey Stasanko
Corey Stasanko (McCriskin – Gustafson Home For Funeral)

"Proud homeowner"

According to his obituary Stasanko was a "proud homeowner" who lived in Cranford and owned his own company, Stasenko Landscaping & Hardscaping. A graduate of South Plainfield High School in 2013 he studied human resources at Rutgers University.

A four-time district and country champion at South Plainfield, Stasenko compiled a 152-17 career high school record, according to Rutgers Athletics. He wrested for one season for the Scarlet Knights men's wrestling team.

His funeral was Tuesday.

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