Cat people, get ready to send me hate mail.

Unlike cats, dogs have very distinct personalities. More broadly, among different dog breeds there are different personality traits and characteristics. Whereas cats, it seems to me, share a common personality of indifference and arrogance.

Now I’ve had enough dogs in my life to know there are good ones and bad ones. The sweetest dog I ever had was a Golden Retriever. His name was George and he was a gentle giant.

Labrador retriever is laying near a big empty dogfood bowl.

The next sweetest was a beagle from when I was a kid. Mack. He was the quintessential ‘good boy’.

Then there were the dachshunds so bad, so aggressive and attitudinal that they were brought back to the breeder to be re-homed for a better fit. It was in part my fault. They were sisters from the same litter and I learned from a behaviorist after the fact that made them feel in an alpha situation because they came together.

A friend had two Jack Russell terriers that frankly were the most obnoxious dogs you’d ever want to not meet. Disobedient, loud, destructive.

If you’re looking for a dog for your family and obedience is important to you, the following list will serve you well. It’s a list of the most disobedient dog breeds. In other words, these are the ones to avoid if a calm, well-behaved pet matters.

French Bulldog

Even if you’re not in the market for a new dog now, scroll through and see what this list says about these least obedient breeds and see if you agree based on whether you’ve had one.

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