🚨The owner of Comic Collections was robbed and assaulted in Sept. 2022

🚨He was beaten with brass knuckles and threatened with a knife

🚨Stolen collectibles were found in a duffel bag behind the store

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. — Two Michigan truckers are charged in the violent attack on the owner of a comic book store in October 2022.

It was a Sunday afternoon when Dave Schwartz, the owner of Comic Collections on Bustleton Pike, was alone in his store when two men came inside asking to see something displayed on a high shelf, according to Bucks County District Attorney Jen Schorn.

As Schwartz climbed a ladder one of the "customers" pulled the 62-year-old off causing him to fall to the floor landing on his back.

The men beat Schwartz as he lay on the floor, tied him up with zip ties, punched him with brass knuckles and held a knife to his face threatening to kill him if he did not cooperate, according to Schorn. The pair loaded up a duffel bag with a laptop, comic books, Pokémon cards, action figures, and other store merchandise.

They also took Schwartz's keys, emptied his wallet and left his credit cards behind. Schwartz was left with broken ribs, bruises and lacerations.

The duffel bag was later recovered behind the store.

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real citations starting Thursday

Dave Schwartz removes the article about an armed robbery at his store
Dave Schwartz removes the article about an armed robbery at his store (CBS Philadelphia via YouTube)

Faith in law enforcement

Friends insisted Schwartz no longer work alone and came in on their own time to make sure there was always a second person present. He also ended his Sunday hours.

Schwartz also put up screenshots of the robbery at the register as a reminder to customers about what happened. Tuesday he was finally able to take the pictures down with charges against Zackery Maximus Tucker, 22, of Quincy, Michigan and Caleb James-Lorenze Simpson, 35, of Clarklake, Michigan.

"I had faith in Feasterville police," Schwartz told PALivingNews.com. "I kept telling people 'they're still working on it. I have faith.'"

Lower Southampton police, who are responsible for policing in Feasterville, received a tip in December about Simpson and Tucker's involvement in the robbery. Police Chief Ted Krimmel told CBS Philadelphia the tip came during a conversation in a bar during which someone heard Tucker talk about the robbery.

Officers in Michigan were able to match surveillance photos with them. Detectives were also able to match paint-stained boots worn by Simpson and make a DNA match.

Tucker was extricated to Pennsylvania and charged with robbery, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, possession of an instrument of crime, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. He is being held in the Bucks County Correctional Facility on $300,000 bail.

Simpson is in a Michigan jail on separate charges and will be extradited to Pennsylvania.

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