✅ An investigation determined Tyler Sullivan shook the infant violently twice

✅ The child was cold to the touch by police

✅ A doctor said the boy was dead before he arrived at the hostpital

BRISTOL BOROUGH — A father admitted to violently shaking his four-month-old son to death in 2023.

Tyler Sullivan, 30, of Bristol Borough, pleaded guilty to shaking the infant twice on May 24, 2023, and at least six additional times in the six weeks before his death.

Police were called to his Radcliffe Street home after the child appeared to have suffered cardiac arrest, Bucks County Attorney General Jen Schorn said.

Officers found the child not breathing and cold to the touch. He was taken to Lower Bucks Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An examination by the doctor who treated the baby found contusions, brusing and abrasions throughout his body, according to Schorn. The doctor said the boy was already dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Sullivan pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child. He will be sentenced in August.

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