🐔 A postal carrier used Cheez-Its to lure the chicken into a police vehicle

🐔 The chicken was taken to the Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska

UPPER MAKEFIELD, Pa. — It took a persistent postal carrier and Cheez-Its to capture a wayward chicken Friday.

Upper Makefield police said were called to Sentinel Road in the Heritage Hills neighborhood on reports of a chicken running around. A postal carrier making her rounds used the snack cracker to lure the chicken into the back of police vehicle.

Amy McAllister identified herself as the postal carrier in the comments on the Upper Makefield police Facebook page.

"I feel like all my years of chicken ownership and farm living was preparing me for this one moment. I hope she finds her home," wrote Amy Allister on the department's Facebook page, adding that she would be willing to take the chicken to her own farm.

Escaped chicken in Upper Makefield 2/16/24
Escaped chicken in Upper Makefield 2/16/24 (Upper Makefield police)

Chicken gets a new home

Police joked that they were able to prevent the situation from becoming reminiscent of the Rocky chicken chasing scene in "Rocky II."

Police said the chicken is in custody at the Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska.

"A chicken on the lam! This fowl will soon be safe in our barn. If you know where it normally roosts, please contact us. Kuddos to our friends and amateur chicken wranglers at Upper Makefield Township Police Department for the assist," the SPCA wrote on its Facebook page.

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