🚨The incident took place Sunday afternoon

🚨911 calls are still being handled as normal

🚨Details about the breach itself have not been disclosed

WARMINSTER – A "cybersecurity incident" against the Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications has reduced dispatchers to using paper and pen to take down information from 911 callers.

The attack impacted the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system used by dispatchers when they receive a call, according to county spokesman James O'Malley. Calls are still being received and help is being sent without delay. A backup system is documenting all reports.

The problem began Sunday, according to O'Malley. The county IT team is working to restore services with help from state and federal partner agencies.

Some internal services affected

O'Malley did not disclose details about the cyber attack itself. There is no timetable for for restoration

Functions affected by the incident include automated resources powered by the CAD system and access to CLEAN and NCIC databases.

The Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications provides communications for county police and fire departments and EMS agencies.

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