This is an important recall all parents in New Jersey should know about. A popular craft used by children both at home and in school has been recalled over a toxic lead violation.

Dixon Ticonderoga, most commonly known for their school products such as yellow pencils, recalled their Creativity Street Assorted Craft Buttons for children. The recall is in response to lead levels found in the buttons that exceed federal safety levels.

The issue here has to do with the health dangers lead products pose to children. Young kids in particular might chew on or ingest buttons which could have negative health effects.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, "this recall involves Creativity Street Assorted Craft Buttons" that "were sold in a one-pound clear plastic bag" with a cardboard header on top.

Craft Buttons

The header is orange and blue in color and reads "Assorted Craft Buttons." Buttons were recalled on November 2, 2023, affecting approximately 890 units.

The bags can be identified with item number PAC6121 and code 02129171221 printed on the back. Both codes can be found around the barcode located at the upper right portion of the backside of the product.

Staples is one of the New Jersey retailers that sell the Creativity Street Assorted Craft Buttons. The product is also sold "online at,,,,, and"

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The recall is for units sold between May 2022 through July 2023. If you have purchased one of the affected bags, do not return it to the place of purchase.

Contact Dixon Ticonderoga directly at 800-333-2545. You can also email them at, or click here for more info about the Creativity Street Assorted Craft Buttons recall.

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