🔴 Andre Gordon was extradited from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

🔴 He faces three dozen murder, assault and robbery charges

🔴 The Bucks County DA will seek the death penalty

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The Trenton man accused of stabbing three family members to death was returned Wednesday to Pennsylvania where he faces nearly three dozen charges and the death penalty.

Andre Gordon shot his stepmother Karen Gordon, 52, his sister Kera Gordon, 13, and Taylor Daniel, 25, the mother of his two young daughters, in their respective homes on the morning of March 16.

After carjacking a vehicle in Morrisville, Gordon fled to Trenton where he barricaded himself inside a family member's home on Phillips Avenue, officials said.

Gordon cut his hair in hopes of escaping undetected by police, Gordon was caught and arrested, police said.

He was charged with over a half-dozen carjacking and weapons charges and was held without bail at the Mercer County Correctional Center.

Andre Gordon
Andre Gordon (Bucks County Attorney General's Office)

Gordon waived his extradition rights at a Superior Court hearing on Wednesday. He was then transported to Middletown Township, Pennsylvania, for processing and then to district court in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, where he was arraigned, according to Bucks County Courier Times coverage of the hearing.

Gordon faces three dozen murder, assault and robbery charges in Pennsylvania.

Bucks County Attorney General Jen Schorn took the unusual step of announcing her intention to seek the death penalty during a first appearance. Gordon did not have legal representation in the courtroom.

The judge ordered Gordon held without bail and not to have contact with eight individuals involved in the case, including family members and the man he is accused of carjacking, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

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Taylor Daniel with her daughters in 2022
Taylor Daniel with her daughters in 2022 (Taylor Daniel via Facebook)

Gov. Shapiro has promised to reject all death penalty sentences

Pennsylvania has not executed a prisoner since 1995, according to the state Department of Corrections. Executions are done by lethal injection per an order signed by Gov. Robert Casey in 1990.

The death penalty can only be applied in cases where a defendant is found guilty of first-degree murder and has many levels of appeal. At the end of the appeals process, the governor has the final decision. It seems unlikely at this point that Gordon would be put to death during the administration of current Gov. Josh Shapiro.

During an address at the Mosaic Community Church in West Philadelphia in 2023, the Democrat called on the Legislature to abolish the death penalty as an option. He said at the time that his personal opinion about the death penalty has evolved.

"I have painstakingly considered every aspect of Pennsylvania’s capital sentencing system, reflected on my own conscience, and weighed the tremendous responsibilities I have as governor," Shapiro said. "And I am here today in this church to tell you I will not issue any execution warrants during my term as governor. When an execution warrant comes to my desk, I will sign a reprieve each and every time."

Andre Gordon's stops during shooting and carjacking 3/15/24
Andre Gordon's stops during shooting and carjacking 3/15/24 (Canva)

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