🚨Police say the same man has stolen circuit breakers from 2 Home Depot stores

🚨He filled a suitcase with circuit breakers during one theft

🚨Retailers and police in Bensalem have partnered to combat retail theft

BENSALEM, Pa. — Who is stealing circuit breakers and other electronics from Home Depot stores?

Police say a man has stolen over $9,000 worth of the items three times in the past two months at the township's two Home Depot stores on Bristol Pike and Rockhill Drive.

The man entered the stores, filled a bag or suitcase and then exits the store. He leaves the lot in a white SUV, possibly a Mazda CX9.

During a theft on Feb. 12 at the Rockhill Drive store he also took two security cameras and electrical outlets, according to police.

Security video footage of suspect in the theft of circuit breakers from Home Depot stores in Bensalem
Security video footage of suspect in the theft of circuit breakers from Home Depot stores in Bensalem (Bensalem police)

Increase in Bensalem retail theft

The theft is part of an increase in retail theft in Bensalem with nearly daily thefts reported by police.  To combat retail theft, police and the Bensalem Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) are partnering for a campaign called "Bensalem Secure," warning thieves of the consequences of shoplifting.

“Our goal is to bring our business community together in collaboration with law enforcement to reduce theft with practical and sustainable solutions," BEDC Executive Director Bob Norkus said in a statement.

A hotline has also been created at 888-826-7471 for employees to report internal and external theft.

Bensalem Secure sign
Bensalem Secure sign (Bensalem police)

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