☑️ The ban was approved unanimously at Tuesday's meeting

☑️ It takes effect in September

☑️ Retailers will get a pass on their first violation

NEWTOWN BOROUGH, Pa. - Single-use plastic bags, utensils and plastic straws will become a thing of the past as the borough council gave final approval to a ban on their use Tuesday.

The ordinance passed unanimously and was praised by Wrightstown resident Robin Hoy, of Wrightstown Township.  She hoped her own town would be approving a similar measure.

“I am here to support you in what you’re doing and to thank you for setting an example for us all,” Hoy said during the public comment.

The ordinance also bans the distribution of styrofoam takeout containers single-use plastic straws, plastic stirrers, single-use plastic utensils, chopsticks and drink plugs within the borough. It takes effect Monday, Sept. 8.

How much will a violation cost?

Retailers who violate the ordinance will get a pass for their first offense, a $50 fine for a second and a $100 fine for the third.

Exempt from Newtown Borough's ban are bags used to package bulk items, wrap meat, fish and baked goods or to hold live animals like fish or insects. Bags used to deliver newspapers are also exempt.

A retailer may also request an exemption for up to a year in order to exhaust its supplies of the banned items.

Ten municipalities in Pennsylvania approved ordinances in 2023 including Doylestown and Philadelphia. Newtown Township adopted a ban earlier in 2024. Their use is also banned in New Jersey.

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